Wednesday, 30 May 2012

NEW HORIZONS: The Future of UK Film

The British Film Institute (BFI) has launched a four-week consultation on its five-year ‘Future Plan’ and we’re planning to share our own ‘infinite’ wisdom with the UK’s premier film agency.

‘New Horizons for UK Film’ is a strategic proposal document published by the BFI which outlines their objectives for investing UK Lottery funding in British film between 2012 and 2017. The document sets out a fresh agenda for British creativity and talent following the dismantling of the UK Film Council two years ago by the coalition government.

When the closing of the UKFC was first announced UK film was experiencing record profits and the move came somewhat as a shock to the independent sector, where the fallout has arguably been felt most strongly. Infinite Wisdom welcomes this period of consultation as the BFI seeks to inject future stability and forward planning into the sector in its new expanded role.

The ‘New Horizon’ proposals cover a wide range of activities for supporting filmmaking, production, development, exhibition, education, skills development and film heritage - with a central focus on building audiences across the UK and across all platforms.

As Infinite Wisdom’s projects build momentum and near market readiness it is our hope that whatever the BFI has planned for the future, Infinite Wisdom will feel the positive effects as we seek to become a recognised indie in the sector.

The consultation will take place between 14 May and 10 June 2012 and is open to all, so why not have your say? Anyone wishing to download the proposal or express their views can do so here: