Wednesday, 28 November 2012

PETER PARKOUR: The Amazing Spider-Man

Infinite Wisdom swings back into action in association with SONY and GoPRO for the Blu-ray and DVD launch of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

Together with DnA PR, Infinite Wisdom was tasked with creating a freerunning film showcasing a spider-inspired training regime around the city of London. Styled to commemorate the UK launch of the hit superhero movie on DVD and Blu-ray, 'Peter Parkour' stars AXEL DUPRE of PARKOUR GENERATIONS as he races across the city in the short film.

Directed by Infinite Wisdom's own ANTHONY DAVIES, the challenge of 'Peter Parkour' was to subtly evoke the movie through the choice of costume and hidden references, without directly featuring the costumed webslinger (eagle-eyed fans might even spot signs of the lizard lurking in the film). Shot in 3 days around London, fans of the MARVEL wall-crawler can see the London Spider-Man scurrying across the capital below:

Check out everyone's favourite neighbourhood parkour performer and Be a Hero.

BE A HERO: Hidden City of Heroes

For those in the know GoPRO has fast become the favourite gadget of professional camera operators and extreme sports enthusiasts. Small, lightweight and portable the GoPro can be mounted to almost anything to capture a first-person view of the world on the slopes, in the water or jumping off a cliff thousands of feet in the air. Working with VERTIGO FILMS (The Sweeney), INFINITE WISDOM created 'Hidden City of Heroes' to showcase the October launch of the brand new GoPro HD Hero3 product line.

Monday 21 October saw the official UK launch of the new GoPro Hero3 at RED BULL STUDIOS, London. ORTIS DELEY of The Gadget Show fame was on hand to walk the crowds through the Hero3's features which includes unrivalled resolution in the palm of your hand.

As part of the launch Madison commissioned Vertigo Films and Infinite Wisdom to produce an original short film shot exclusively on GoPro cameras. Created in partnership with Vertigo Films, the iconic British filmmakers behind the box office hit 'The Sweeney', 'Hidden City of Heroes' is a high speed journey around London taking in iconic landmarks, the busy commute and the black cabs that make the city what it is. Leading the charge is RED BULL athlete KORAHN GAYLE who skates and slides his way around the streets from the South Bank to Trafalgar Square.

Visitors to the WORDS OF iWISDOM BLOG can check out the film below at the link below: