Thursday, 10 October 2013

NEW WISDOM: By George I Think He Got It

GEORGE DAVIES of VERUS WEALTH brings his own brand of wisdom to the company as he becomes the newest member of the team at INFINITE WISDOM.

George joins Infinite Wisdom Studios from leading independent wealth management company, Verus, where he still remains a fixture. After a successful trial period in July/August this year, George has taken a permanent post at Infinite Wisdom where he will be working closely with producer and founder MICHAEL FORD.

"George is Infinite Wisdom's newly appointed Production Manager for Commercials and Promos. He's a fantastic young talent with a great eye for film and a great personality that fits perfectly with the ethos of our growing company" said Ford.

George Davies takes over responsibility for much of the company's commercial and promo content from Michael Ford who will continue to devote his time to growing Infinite Wisdom's blossoming feature film and drama output.

Ford added "I won't be stepping away from the commercials arm entirely but George definitely has plans to make it his own".

"There are so many exciting developments happening at Infinite Wisdom right now and I am delighted to be part of its future. I look forward to bringing my own unique spin to the company and the work we produce" commented Davies.

George secured his first screen credit last month on the music video for 'Find What You Love', the latest track from indie band SHATTER EFFECT directed and edited by IWS favourite ANTHONY DAVIES (no relation).

Monday, 16 September 2013

LOOKING PEAKY: Brummie Boardwalk Does a Blinder!

Whatever you do don't mock their accents! For years the Brummie drawl has been a punchline or joke for mainstream drama. But all that changed last Thursday night with the launch of the ambitious six-part BBC drama PEAKY BLINDERS.

More than 11% of the audience (£2.4M) tuned in to see CILLIAN MURPHY deliver a career-best performance as Birmingham gangster Tommy Shelby in the highly acclaimed new drama from writer/director STEVEN KNIGHT (Hummingbird, Eastern Promises).

Courtesy of FILM BIRMINGHAM, the Infinite Wisdom Team were lucky enough to catch an advanced screening the night before it's television debut and to view the first two episodes in all their glory on the silver screen at CINEWORLD Broad Street.

Infinite Wisdom's MICHAEL FORD said: "Rarely does a show exceed your expectations. Peaky Blinders is truly filmic in style and grand in scale. It could have come straight out of the stables of HBO and no one would question it. Locals are bound to love it but first and foremost it's a fantastic drama and certainly one of the best in recent years and that's what really counts!"

And it seems the show has not just been a hit with the locals but with audiences and critics alike who have praised the glossy but gritty gangster saga drawing positive parallels with HBO's BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Series creator Steven Knight, first conceived the project 12 years ago, but it wasn't until his more recent successes on the big screen that the stars began to align for his small screen epic.

And align the stars have. The series, which was partially shot in the West Midlands, features a stellar cast which also includes PAUL ANDERSON (The Sweeney, Passion), HELEN McCRORY (Skyfall, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), ANNABELLE WALLIS (Pan Am, The Tudors) and screen legend SAM NEILL (Jurassic Park, Dr Zhivago).

If there's one thing that people should take from the show - it's never underestimate where great drama and great stories live! Watch PEAKY BLINDERS on BBC2 (Thursday at 9pm) or BBC iPlayer.

Monday, 5 August 2013

IMAGINATION UNBOUND: Infinite Possibilities

Albert Einstein once said “any fool can know, the point is to understand”. With that in mind we thought we best update our blog and help you understand what we’ve been up to over the last months. Here goes:

Building Blocs:
Infinite Wisdom had the hard task of jetting off to MILAN in April to film the launch of the BLOC HOTEL concept designed by BOXBUILD and powered by SAMSUNG.

The ‘box hotel room’ is a state of the art hotel concept intended to offer the facilities found in a luxury suite at an economy price. Infinite Wisdom tasked our filmmaking duo Matt and Vince with the challenge which involved filming of the product launch at the MILAN DESIGN FAIR and the equally challenging task of working with the beautiful Italian model, MARGHERITA (represented by 'Ice Models').

You can see the bloc Hotel concept film here.

Do The Bart Man:
In April last year we brought you the news that DREW ROPER, founder of Birmingham-based YAMINATION STUDIOS, had become the successful recipient of the SKY ARTS FUTURES FUND. Twelve months on and a behind the scenes documentary commissioned by Sky Arts HD and exploring Drew’s efforts has recently been broadcast on the channel. The film included a sneak peek at his brand new short film AT-ISSUE starring the loveable BARTHOLOMEW (pictured below).

We think the work Drew is doing is top notch and hope to one day help bring his feature dreams to the big screen. If you missed the first transmission you can see the short documentary online by clicking here.

The Studio Lot:
The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed the recent evolution of the Infinite Wisdom logo as INFINITE WISDOM STUDIOS starts to shuffle into place. Here at Infinite Wisdom we’ve been keeping pretty schtum about some of our biggest news over the last twelve months (believe us - it’s been killing us) but do watch this space as all will be revealed over the next six months.

Not only are we planning an overhaul of the website but with it should come lots of exciting news about the realisation of a dream that began six and a half years ago… thank heavens it was a good dream.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

HOLLYWOOD ENDORSEMENT: Thumbs up for 'Premium Rush'

JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT (Looper, The Dark Knight Rises) has given his Twittersphere seal of approval to Infinite Wisdom's latest promo for SONY and the Blu-ray and DVD launch of PREMIUM RUSH.

In November last year Infinite Wisdom reported on the launch of 'Peter Parkour', a freerunning tour of London to promote the launch of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN on Home Entertainment. More than 300,000 combined hits later and Infinite Wisdom was again called into action to produce a bike ride with a difference around the nation's capital.

Directed by Infinite Wisdom's ANTHONY DAVIES, and shot in just 2 days on Sony's very own ACTION CAM, 'London Rush' stars world record holder and stunt cyclist ANDREI BURTON as a high-speed bicycle courier delivering a premium rush package across the city. The film ties in with the launch of Levitt's own film PREMIUM RUSH on Blu-Ray and DVD in which he plays a cycle courier being pursued through the streets by a bent cop out to steal a very important package. After seeing the original promo Levitt took to Twitter to give his opinion to his legion of fans.

Produced in association with DnA PR and Sony Home Entertainment, 'London Rush' sees Andrei Burton riding, leaping and bunny-hopping through the city the only way he knows how. 
Check out the film below and see if you agree with the rising star of INCEPTION and Christopher Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

Friday, 4 January 2013

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Blasting into 2013

Our Happy New Year wishes go out to all of our production partners, our talented crews, collaborators and clients for 2013 which promises to be the biggest year yet for Infinite Wisdom.

For anyone who read our September post you’ll know what the producers of BIRMINGHAM have done for the legacy of UK film. More than 90 years later and more great talent can be traced to the UK’s second city than ever before.

In 2013 Infinite Wisdom is set to follow in the footsteps of Balcon, Saville and Deutsch with it’s debut feature set for production. Sometimes the road less travelled is the best route and sometimes it’s just quicker to fly…

Happy New Year

Michael Ford