Monday, 5 August 2013

IMAGINATION UNBOUND: Infinite Possibilities

Albert Einstein once said “any fool can know, the point is to understand”. With that in mind we thought we best update our blog and help you understand what we’ve been up to over the last months. Here goes:

Building Blocs:
Infinite Wisdom had the hard task of jetting off to MILAN in April to film the launch of the BLOC HOTEL concept designed by BOXBUILD and powered by SAMSUNG.

The ‘box hotel room’ is a state of the art hotel concept intended to offer the facilities found in a luxury suite at an economy price. Infinite Wisdom tasked our filmmaking duo Matt and Vince with the challenge which involved filming of the product launch at the MILAN DESIGN FAIR and the equally challenging task of working with the beautiful Italian model, MARGHERITA (represented by 'Ice Models').

You can see the bloc Hotel concept film here.

Do The Bart Man:
In April last year we brought you the news that DREW ROPER, founder of Birmingham-based YAMINATION STUDIOS, had become the successful recipient of the SKY ARTS FUTURES FUND. Twelve months on and a behind the scenes documentary commissioned by Sky Arts HD and exploring Drew’s efforts has recently been broadcast on the channel. The film included a sneak peek at his brand new short film AT-ISSUE starring the loveable BARTHOLOMEW (pictured below).

We think the work Drew is doing is top notch and hope to one day help bring his feature dreams to the big screen. If you missed the first transmission you can see the short documentary online by clicking here.

The Studio Lot:
The eagle-eyed amongst you might have noticed the recent evolution of the Infinite Wisdom logo as INFINITE WISDOM STUDIOS starts to shuffle into place. Here at Infinite Wisdom we’ve been keeping pretty schtum about some of our biggest news over the last twelve months (believe us - it’s been killing us) but do watch this space as all will be revealed over the next six months.

Not only are we planning an overhaul of the website but with it should come lots of exciting news about the realisation of a dream that began six and a half years ago… thank heavens it was a good dream.