Wednesday, 28 November 2012

PETER PARKOUR: The Amazing Spider-Man

Infinite Wisdom swings back into action in association with SONY and GoPRO for the Blu-ray and DVD launch of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

Together with DnA PR, Infinite Wisdom was tasked with creating a freerunning film showcasing a spider-inspired training regime around the city of London. Styled to commemorate the UK launch of the hit superhero movie on DVD and Blu-ray, 'Peter Parkour' stars AXEL DUPRE of PARKOUR GENERATIONS as he races across the city in the short film.

Directed by Infinite Wisdom's own ANTHONY DAVIES, the challenge of 'Peter Parkour' was to subtly evoke the movie through the choice of costume and hidden references, without directly featuring the costumed webslinger (eagle-eyed fans might even spot signs of the lizard lurking in the film). Shot in 3 days around London, fans of the MARVEL wall-crawler can see the London Spider-Man scurrying across the capital below:

Check out everyone's favourite neighbourhood parkour performer and Be a Hero.

BE A HERO: Hidden City of Heroes

For those in the know GoPRO has fast become the favourite gadget of professional camera operators and extreme sports enthusiasts. Small, lightweight and portable the GoPro can be mounted to almost anything to capture a first-person view of the world on the slopes, in the water or jumping off a cliff thousands of feet in the air. Working with VERTIGO FILMS (The Sweeney), INFINITE WISDOM created 'Hidden City of Heroes' to showcase the October launch of the brand new GoPro HD Hero3 product line.

Monday 21 October saw the official UK launch of the new GoPro Hero3 at RED BULL STUDIOS, London. ORTIS DELEY of The Gadget Show fame was on hand to walk the crowds through the Hero3's features which includes unrivalled resolution in the palm of your hand.

As part of the launch Madison commissioned Vertigo Films and Infinite Wisdom to produce an original short film shot exclusively on GoPro cameras. Created in partnership with Vertigo Films, the iconic British filmmakers behind the box office hit 'The Sweeney', 'Hidden City of Heroes' is a high speed journey around London taking in iconic landmarks, the busy commute and the black cabs that make the city what it is. Leading the charge is RED BULL athlete KORAHN GAYLE who skates and slides his way around the streets from the South Bank to Trafalgar Square.

Visitors to the WORDS OF iWISDOM BLOG can check out the film below at the link below:

Saturday, 8 September 2012

THREE WISE MEN: Birmingham Film Industry

Despite best endeavours we appear to have broken our New Year News Resolution - three months without an update! That might seem like a while but time really does fly and a lot of exciting things are brewing behind the scenes. Sceptics ask us "is they a film industry in Birmingham?" - we remind them there wouldn't be one without us.

Forty pounds, four football matches, and a bit of luck are all that stood between failure and the careers of three men who would become pillars of British film.

In 1921, Birmingham born MICHAEL BALCON, VICTOR SAVILLE and OSCAR DEUTSCH were winding up their failing distribution company. With the last of their proceeds the men dined out for what was set to be the final time and placed a £40 wager on the outcome of 4 football matches.

Amazingly, the bet came through, reversed their fortunes and became the springboard the trio needed to transform the film industry. Their careers went from strength to strength as their company, VICTORY MOTION PICTURES, began producing its own ambitious movies to  commercial acclaim.

When their successful collaboration finally came to an end, Deutsch went on to found one of the most famous cinema chains in film history, ODEON. By the 1930s the word had become interchangeable with ‘cinema’ itself and to this day the Odeon Leicester Square remains the foremost venue for premiere film screenings in the UK.

Whilst Deutsch transformed the seats, Balcon and Saville continued to take the screens by storm with the launch of GAINSBOROUGH STUDIOS (where ALFRED HITCHCOCK was one of their early protégés). Balcon would follow his stint at Gainsborough by taking the helm of the famous EALING STUDIOS in London, whilst Saville moved to the States and continued an illustrious career in Hollywood.

Together the ingenuity and vision of three Brummies shaped the face of the UK film industry, and the time is right for Birmingham to make its mark once more.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

NEW HORIZONS: The Future of UK Film

The British Film Institute (BFI) has launched a four-week consultation on its five-year ‘Future Plan’ and we’re planning to share our own ‘infinite’ wisdom with the UK’s premier film agency.

‘New Horizons for UK Film’ is a strategic proposal document published by the BFI which outlines their objectives for investing UK Lottery funding in British film between 2012 and 2017. The document sets out a fresh agenda for British creativity and talent following the dismantling of the UK Film Council two years ago by the coalition government.

When the closing of the UKFC was first announced UK film was experiencing record profits and the move came somewhat as a shock to the independent sector, where the fallout has arguably been felt most strongly. Infinite Wisdom welcomes this period of consultation as the BFI seeks to inject future stability and forward planning into the sector in its new expanded role.

The ‘New Horizon’ proposals cover a wide range of activities for supporting filmmaking, production, development, exhibition, education, skills development and film heritage - with a central focus on building audiences across the UK and across all platforms.

As Infinite Wisdom’s projects build momentum and near market readiness it is our hope that whatever the BFI has planned for the future, Infinite Wisdom will feel the positive effects as we seek to become a recognised indie in the sector.

The consultation will take place between 14 May and 10 June 2012 and is open to all, so why not have your say? Anyone wishing to download the proposal or express their views can do so here:

Sunday, 29 April 2012

FILM NATION: Animation. Yamination.

April has seen some exciting developments at Infinite Wisdom. Sequel talks with a major UK film company, casting talks across the pond and the launch of the iWISDOM NEWSLETTER, exclusive to our investor network.

We hope to be able to share more on these developments in the coming months but for now we’re bringing you someone else’s good news with a fantastic success story from the region.

Multi-award-winning stop-motion animators YAMINATION STUDIOS has won one of three awards from the ‘Ignition’ Futures Fund from SKY ARTS. Just like Infinite Wisdom, the Birmingham based animation house has its humble beginnings in the heart of the Black Country, in nearby Wolverhampton. Founded by talented animator DREW ROPER, the company’s name comes from a local colloquialism (‘Yam-Yam’) combined with his love of everything animated.

With bold ambitions and an intense love for AARDMAN, Infinite Wisdom thinks Yamination Studios and Drew Roper are definitely ones to watch. Keep your eyes peeled for their Sky Arts debut later in the year.

Friday, 30 March 2012

WISE WOMEN: International Women's Day 2012

March 8th marked INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2012, bringing together and celebrating the lives of women around the globe.

As part of the celebrations OXFAM was busy asking women to get together and help raise money for those in need. Last month we reported that Infinite Wisdom was tasked with producing a short animated film to show women everywhere what it was all about, and now we're happy to report it looks like it was a roaring success.

The Get-together campaign marks an ongoing collaboration between the two companies following the success of our Glen, Gary & Ross campaign to promote the issue of land grabs in developing countries.

Our Get-together film proved to be so successful the core concept was spun off into a radio ad featuring Oscar-winning actress DAME HELEN MIRREN (below).

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


As the landscape of film funding continues to change the biggest challenge for independent filmmakers is to pick a side. Do they go big, go small or go home?

Those on the outskirts are told pre-sales are dead, minimum guarantees are shrinking and the only way to go is to make it for the cost of a packet of cigarettes in hope of making a profit.

Those at the top are going bigger and bigger to pull in the crowds and those in the middle are torn between the two. However, dig a little deeper and you realise there is still a place for mid-range good quality product. Less than six weeks ago an indie distributor told us pre-sales aren’t dead, they’re essential. Quality product is declining so if distributors want it they have to get in early.

The Myth of Micro-Budget is that it’s the key to making money. Make it cheap sell it high. However, we all know cheap budgets won’t necessarily equal quality and audiences might go for the odd Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch Project but generally you’re up against the studios for a space in the multiplex. As an independent producer there’s no denying budgets are shrinking and we all have to tighten our belts a little but if we do away with a budget completely how do we survive?

Making a product for less than its worth is a fundamental part of business but business is all about making a profit down the line and paying those responsible. If everyone sets out to make micro-budget movies how long can those people last? Who is paying the crew’s mortgage when they’re working for a tiny share of profits they might never see? Starting out as a runner on a low-budget set and learning a few tricks of the trade is one thing. Being the DoP and being paid nothing is quite another.

Industries aren’t built on a free economy and if micro-budget becomes the only route for indie filmmakers, the film industry could just turn into one giant sweatshop even if the clothing still looks good.

Article by Michael Ford: see the article at ER Grove & CO

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


It’s been quite a while since our last update so we thought we’d bring you some January news in case anyone wondered what we’ve been up to. Well as it happens, quite a lot actually and our NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION is to update this rather more often!

We got this newsblog off to a flying start in March last year and then ground to a blogging halt. So where to begin…

Charity Work:
Well most recently, in December, we were approached by OXFAM to produce a new online film encouraging women to ‘Get Together’ for women everywhere on INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Go on, it’s on 8TH MARCH.

The film was our second collaboration of the year with the charity having produced GLEN, GARY & ROSS for them in July to increase public awareness of the danger of ‘Land Grabs’.

You can see GLEN, GARY & ROSS below:

And GET TOGETHER below that… or visit

Top Dogs:
Lots of people have been asking about our feature film projects so here’s what we’re allowed to tell you. Having big name actors attached is never easy. If you think organising a date in the diary to get a few old friends together is tricky, try scheduling a two-month shoot that works for top talent young and old… we shall prevail in 2012!

Oh and we can tell you we have a major distributor attached and the finance in place but that’s all I can say… shhhh.

Big Cats:
In August we set about taking pictures of big cats, jaguars specifically for JRL and our friends at PALMER HARGREAVES in Leamington. Our work on the JAGUAR promo below led to another successful collaboration in October for LAND ROVER which saw us putting them under close surveillance and tracking their cars to the end of the world and back.

Pitching In:
Last but not least, I know a few of you were hoping that by now we might have reopened our submission form - at least the budding and existing film and television writers among you. Sadly I’m afraid we’re just so busy with our internal projects, and realising some of the great features we’ve been working towards. That means our factory doors will have to stay shut a little longer but as soon as we start crossing these projects off we’ll be on the look out for more I’m sure!

Oh and we’re sure we’ve missed lots out – perhaps we should update a bit more often!