Friday, 11 March 2011


It’s been a busy birthday week at Infinite Wisdom as we’ve been celebrating the start of our fifth year in business with exciting news about our film and television projects.

Hot on the trail of finance, Infinite Wisdom producer MICHAEL FORD has been busy meeting with sales agents and distributors for the company’s forthcoming feature film but still found time to take over the airwaves.

107.7 THE WOLF started the ball rolling in Michael’s home city of Wolverhampton on Thursday, announcing the search for local entrepreneurs or sporting personalities looking to invest in local film.

Today Michael headed over to the BRMB Studios on Broad Street to talk to Dan Dawson on 96.4 FM about the latest developments. Michael was there to spread the word about DOGS OF LAW and ask for wealthy investors to get in touch and get involved in the booming British Film Industry.

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