Wednesday, 25 January 2012


It’s been quite a while since our last update so we thought we’d bring you some January news in case anyone wondered what we’ve been up to. Well as it happens, quite a lot actually and our NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION is to update this rather more often!

We got this newsblog off to a flying start in March last year and then ground to a blogging halt. So where to begin…

Charity Work:
Well most recently, in December, we were approached by OXFAM to produce a new online film encouraging women to ‘Get Together’ for women everywhere on INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY. Go on, it’s on 8TH MARCH.

The film was our second collaboration of the year with the charity having produced GLEN, GARY & ROSS for them in July to increase public awareness of the danger of ‘Land Grabs’.

You can see GLEN, GARY & ROSS below:

And GET TOGETHER below that… or visit

Top Dogs:
Lots of people have been asking about our feature film projects so here’s what we’re allowed to tell you. Having big name actors attached is never easy. If you think organising a date in the diary to get a few old friends together is tricky, try scheduling a two-month shoot that works for top talent young and old… we shall prevail in 2012!

Oh and we can tell you we have a major distributor attached and the finance in place but that’s all I can say… shhhh.

Big Cats:
In August we set about taking pictures of big cats, jaguars specifically for JRL and our friends at PALMER HARGREAVES in Leamington. Our work on the JAGUAR promo below led to another successful collaboration in October for LAND ROVER which saw us putting them under close surveillance and tracking their cars to the end of the world and back.

Pitching In:
Last but not least, I know a few of you were hoping that by now we might have reopened our submission form - at least the budding and existing film and television writers among you. Sadly I’m afraid we’re just so busy with our internal projects, and realising some of the great features we’ve been working towards. That means our factory doors will have to stay shut a little longer but as soon as we start crossing these projects off we’ll be on the look out for more I’m sure!

Oh and we’re sure we’ve missed lots out – perhaps we should update a bit more often!

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